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Monday, May 16, 2016

12 Factor App Transformation

Taking inspiration from the morning paper, today's blog post is a synopsis of the excellent work published In An Agile Approach to a Legacy System where Chris Stevenson and Andy Pols lay down the 12 the core principles to transform a monolith:

 1. Don't reproduce legacy

 2. Always ask the user what the problem is

 3. Refactor a legacy application by delivering business value

 4. Incrementally build trust - prove that you can do the hardest part of the problem

 5. Build a small, self-selected team

 6. Don't get hungup on process

 7. Involve the whole team with larger refactorings so the team can move on as quickly as possible

 8. Effective Teams need breakpoints

 9. Don't sat no, say later. Treat politics as a user requirement

 10. A System that connects to a legacy system must be tested using live feeds

 11. Engage users and they not only won't they turn it off, they will fight some of your battles for you

 12. Keep giving a good team motivated by giving them new hard problems - don't waste a good team

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