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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Snap Analysis of applications

We are often called upon to analyze applications for suitability of porting to Cloud Foundry. We quickly draw up the following chart and prepare a forrester style 4 quadrant graph of Technical suitability vs Business Criticality. I am embedding the technical criteria for evaluating an app below :

The quadrants on the SWOT analysis graph below are the axis of whatever is important to you to prioritize the apps - typically the axes are - Technical complexity and effort vs Strategic business importance. It is a way of categorizing your apps based on your goals and interests that come out during the inception.

Typically the X axis is (technical complexity - how much do you know about the app) - Y axis is (Business criticality - How important is this to the business) - other factors come into play as well

image credit goes to my buddy Joe Szodfridt

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