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Saturday, July 28, 2018

GKE-on prem, Azure on-prem , AWS on-prem

All the major clouds are coming to a datacenter near you*. You can get Google, or Azure megascale in your own house datacenter. You can start taking advantage of the cloud platforms to improve and shift your workloads to the cloud and get the benefits of being cloud native. The cloud will be a force function for innovation and change in your organizations allowing you to finally throw away the yolk of agilefall or wagile or DAD or Scrum whatever has kept you behind. Your software can eat the world. You will no longer be threatened by the millennial's of Silicon Valley. 

wait a minute ... there is something missing here !! ... 

Humans. Where is the human cloud ? Where is the Cloud Native Transformation as a service. Where is the Platform as a Product Service. Where is the Domain Driven Design as a Service. Where is the SRE as a service. Where is the Outside-in product thinking as a service. Where is the  Training as a service. Where is the Incident Management as a Service. Where is the Busting Canonical Domain Model as a service. Where is decomposing monoliths as a service. Where is the Refactoring databases as a service. Where is Decomposing UIs as a service ? Where is the Outcomes as a service ? Where is the Human as a Service. 

Remember that the human aspect of the cloud is the biggest force function enabler that will enforce the razor focus on outcomes rather than technology envy. As I sit here reflecting on all the technology choices that are passing through > microservices, serverless, kubernetes, cloud foundry, the million choices from CNCF,  please remember the cloud revolution needs to be customized to your needs and not the other way around. 

Pick and chose the boring technology choices available that get the job done and allow you to reach your objectives and key results. Do not forget that the ultimate goal is increased frequency software releases, reduced change failure rate, reduced lead and cycle time to iterate fast and converge on the right outcome. 

So yeah please install PCF, gke, aws, openstack, vmware , azure or whatever but remember software is a means to the end and it is the END that has always to be kept in mind unless your core business is the business of software itself. 

* I have money on AWS-on-prem being announced this ReInvent. 

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