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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Migrating WebLogic workloads to the cloud

# CaaS

0. Containerize the app - PAS ... zero changes to the app - research - Weblogic standalone. Single inbound route. Stateful workload => volume services on PCF. Docker images.
1. Containerize the app - PKS ... zero changes to the app - Use existing Helm charts or operators to run on PKS - Weblogic clustered https://github.com/oracle/weblogic-kubernetes-operator/blob/master/site/design.md


2. Using a buildpack - Weblogic buildpack https://github.com/pivotal-cf/weblogic-buildpack
3. Using a buildpack - TomEE buildpack - Runs JavaEE. YMMW if there is a lot of ORCL specific deployment descriptors and API usage
4. Using the Java buildpack - Java Buildpack - Bootify the app and replace all EE framework usage with corresponding Spring components and frameworks - some changes - very well understood - and recipes exist for ALL mods EJB Migration
5. Using the Java buildpack - Package up the app as a fat app in WebLogic and then run it simply as a jar with the JBP. - experimental but could yield replatforming with 0 changes. same restrictions as PAS apply.

# FaaS

- Does not apply


7. BOSH to deploy Weblogic as a release. BOSH release for weblogic
8. Ansible, chef recipes ...

# Bare Metal

9. Run as-is today on servers with NO virtualization.

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