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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

How do you modernize an Oracle Forms application to the Cloud ?


  1. Wrap it in PKS ... no touch 0 refactoring. 
  2. Replatform it with  [Forms2ADF](http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/jheadstart/overview/index.html). Chain with ADF to JSF migrator.
  3. Refactor with a ground up rewrite and deploy to PAS
  4. Create a Oracle Forms custom buildpack for running apps unchanged in PAS
Pick one that you think leads to the outcome desired. If the app is strategic then pick the refactoring option to PAS where you would you expend energy cataloging the pl/sql (e.g., stored procs (ins/outs)) to see what entities, value objects and aggregates fall out or just rewrite from scrap and start again with a bottom-up domain modeling exercise? aka a full rewrite 

In Oracle Forms the majority of the business  logic is actually PL/SQL- the forms just skins all the resultsets.There is a whole cottage industry for [forms migration](http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/forms/oracle-forms-migration-partners-098680.html) You can  migrate to ADF and then run ADF on tomcat with It  the JHeadstart Forms2ADF Generator that allows you to transform Oracle Forms applications directly to ADF applications, thereby protecting your investments when moving to the JEE (Java Enterprise Edition) development platform. [Convert Oracle Forms To Modern Web Application]

First of all, the very thought of converting Oracle Forms to something else as-is is wrong..The entire task is an expensive time-consuming futile effort. It probably is as good as using your black and white camera for capturing videos without even upgrading it! Most of the transactional forms are heavy and designed with 20 year old technology. So it is better to leave them alone for as long as they work. In cases you absolutely want to redo the Oracle forms, it is advisable to plan a proper migration (no short-cuts) to leverage the latest and greatest technology, that can probably be maintained for another 20 years.

When there are a lot of stored procedures .. you have deep coupling with the DB schemas … these apps will take a LOT to refactor. Enterprises should save :$$$ by just using a migration partner that does this migration and then deploy that java code on the PAS

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