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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Battle Lines Redrawn

Make no mistake the battle lines after the container orchestration wars have been redrawn above the value line. All the companies that previously focused on pure containers or container orchestration are now focused on creating a coherent development and day 2 operational experience for the K8s runtime.

For all the hoopla, The Kubernetes game has come down to

  1. Simplifying the complexity of Kubernetes for  Day 2 operational experience
  2. Migrating workloads onto Kubernetes
  3. Improving the developer tooling, experience and productivity on Kubernetes

Offering these 3 value-adds allows Hyper scale cloud providers or vendors to lockin the customer into their unique value proposition.

Case in point Docker Inc the mother and god format of containers
Docker is refocusing on creating a coherent development experience on the assumption that the container runtime and Kubernetes-based container orchestration is a commodity. The focus will be on providing tools to manage application development at scale in what is rapidly becoming a very complex coordination problem.
Mesosphere now D2iQ
D2IQ CEO Mike Fey says that the name reflects the company’s new approach. Instead of focusing entirely on the Mesos project, it wants to concentrate on helping more mature organizations adopt cloud native technologies.
Pivotal merger into VMWare
VMware go to market and ecosystem and SI partners leverages Pivotal's unique PaaS refactored on Kubernetes to achieve above the value line application transformation and accelerate the migration from VMs to containers 
We have moved to the 3 quarter of the K8s game. There is significant consolidation in the  ranks. The future is bright from an acquisition perspective for Docker and Rancher Labs as long as they focus on the 3 things mentioned above.

May the best player win!

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