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Saturday, February 1, 2020

How To Write Good User Stories - What makes a good technical story ?

User stories are the currency  Product Managers use to turn architecture into code. To design any system you need both  technical and user-driven stories. Both styles have a place in a app modernization engagement. 

Classic stories are written from the users perspective and explain incremental business or user value. Technical stories sometimes may not have an obvious human user and/or a clear business / user value. That is OK.

Here are some tips on how to write good stories 

  1. Event Driven Architecture lends well to Gherkin style stories https://www.pivotaltracker.com/blog/principles-of-effective-story-writing-the-pivotal-labs-way and https://content.pivotal.io/blog/how-to-write-well-formed-user-stories
  2. Techical Story Writing https://medium.com/product-labs/ways-to-approach-technical-story-writing-961e0506fa13 
  3. How To Write Well Formed Stories https://content.pivotal.io/blog/how-to-write-well-formed-user-stories
  4. Good reference for story writing https://www.pivotaltracker.com/blog/principles-of-effective-story-writing-the-pivotal-labs-way
  5. When working with non-engineering PMs This is excellent guidance for writing API user stories https://content.pivotal.io/product-managers/designing-developing-an-api-product-part-3-of-4   and https://builttoadapt.io/what-my-backend-and-api-user-stories-look-like-c5e965beb778#.vi9fi0yq4
  6.  A really good overview of different story types, including bug reports, with examples: https://www.pivotaltracker.com/blog/principles-of-effective-story-writing-the-pivotal-labs-way

Sample Technical Story

[driver] service subscribes to [order-accepted] event and publishes [driver-assigned] event with dummy driver information

Acceptance Criteria
When [order-accepted] event is received by [driver] service
Then  [driver] service publishes a [driver-assigned] event with dummy driver information
And [driver-assigned] event contains the same orderId that was received from [order-accepted] event
Dev Notes
  • The [order-accepted] event will look like { "orderId":"...", "restaurantId":"...", "eventDate":"2019-08-16T15:30:30Z" }
  • The [driver-assigned] event might look like { "orderId":"...", "driverId":"...", "eventDate":"2019-08-16T15:30:30Z" }

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