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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Why is AWS Number #1 in the Cloud ??

I will let you in on a secret. It's not their gazillion managed services. It's not their 5 year head start in the cloud. Its because of the AWS Workload consumption engine. The AWS engine to drive consumption of cloud services is par none.

AWS does a phenomenal job of sparking consumption .. their key assets being 

1. 7Rs framework 

2. AWS Migration Hub (Migration Tracking, Migration tooling for discovery and planning, Migration Technology for app profiling and workload discovery) https://aws.amazon.com/migration-hub/ 

3. AWS Migration Acceleration Program https://aws.amazon.com/migration-acceleration-program/ 

4. AWS Cloud Adoption Framework https://aws.amazon.com/professional-services/CAF/ 

5. AWS Well Architected Framework https://aws.amazon.com/architecture/well-architected/ 

6. AWS Managed Services https://aws.amazon.com/managed-services/

Sparking consumption is a combination of these plays and needs everyone (Pre-sales, Solutions, PSO & Partners) to execute with assets and programs to match.

This is the bar set for all hyperscalars and wannabes :-)

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