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Rohit leads the Pivotal Labs App Modernization Practice in engineering, delivery training & cross-functional enablement, tooling, scoping, selling, recruiting, marketing, blog posts, webinars and conference sessions. Rohit has led multiple enterprise engagements including ones featured in the Wall Street Journal. Rohit focuses on designing, implementing and consulting with enterprise software solutions for Fortune 500 companies on application migration and modernization.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Rohit Kelapure A Year In Review 2019

So this is a bit late - but there is never a better time to retrospect and reflect. Without the support of my awesome AppTx team, peers and management at Pivotal this would not have been possible.

Rohit Kelapure - A Year In Review 2019

# Delivery

I  anchored seven enterprise engagements including one that was featured in the Wall Street Journal. I led an finished initiatives in a fifty person solution architect team in the following areas > Training & Cross-functional Enablement, Practice Management, Internal Initiatives, Tooling, Scoping, Selling, Recruiting, Marketing, Blog Posts, Webinars and Conference sessions. See details below.

# Practice Management 

  • Cookbooks Maintenance
  • Created Healthcheck & SRE Offering 
  • App Services Anchor Bootcamp
  • Blog Series Architecture - A Pivotal Opinion (upcoming)
  • Mainframe Modernization GTM
  • Closing loops - Feedback From AppTx to R&D
  • Closing loops - Feedback to DATA, PCFMetrics, Spring Cloud Services and other R&D Teams
  • Active participation PWG-SRE practice workgroup
  • AppTx for PSR Offering

# Training & Cross-functional Enablement 

  • Kubernetes Training mini-Conference
  • So You Want To Run An AppTx Scoping
  • So You Want To Run An AppTx Healthcheck
  • Anchoring Best Practices - Things We have learnt the hard way
  • Wrote On-boarding 2 - Week - New Hire Fast Ramp 4 AppTx Solution Architects
  • Continuous assistance on Slack #modern-family & #app-transformation channels
  • AppTx Scoping Retro - Train the scopers 2 sessions 
  • PAL PKS Course Development 
  • Microservices Workshop DBSBank

# Pivotal Internal Initiatives

  • Google Anthos intel
  • Cookbooks - RFC
  • Java Devex Team

# Created Tools

  1. Pivotal App Analyzer  _Refinement of Rules , Guidance_
  2. AppTx Effort Estimation Model with Steve Woods
  4. Spring Bootifier with Tim Dalsing

# Recruiting - 2 Solution Architects

# Mentored/Improved - One colleague

# Conducted Scopings - 6 including commercial and federal 

# Pivotal Blog Posts

- Twitter  @rkela (750 followers) 

# Webinars (Solo, Partners & Customers)

  1. Why Your Digital Transformation Strategy Demands Middleware Modernization
  2. How to Migrate Applications Off a Mainframe
  3. Tools and Recipes to Replatform Monolithic Apps to Modern Cloud Environments 
  4. App Modernization with .NET Core: How Travelers Insurance is Going Cloud-Native 

# Conferences - SpringOne Platform 2019

- [360-Degree Health Assessment of Microservices on the PCF Platform](https://springoneplatform.io/2019/sessions/360-degree-health-assessment-of-microservices-on-the-pcf-platform)

# Certifications

# Courses

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Create SRE Dashboards For Applications

SLI/SLO Dashboards are a MUST for every SRE team as a core practice to manage end user expectations and needs. Here is a neat example of a SLO dashboard for the Pivotal Platform

So how do you craft these SLO dashboards. There are some APM tools that are ahead of the game when it comes to SLI/SLO dashboard templates.  You can customize the stock template to build your dashboard. See links below  ....



New Relic