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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Rohit Kelapure A Year In Review 2019

So this is a bit late - but there is never a better time to retrospect and reflect. Without the support of my awesome AppTx team, peers and management at Pivotal this would not have been possible.

Rohit Kelapure - A Year In Review 2019

# Delivery

I  anchored seven enterprise engagements including one that was featured in the Wall Street Journal. I led an finished initiatives in a fifty person solution architect team in the following areas > Training & Cross-functional Enablement, Practice Management, Internal Initiatives, Tooling, Scoping, Selling, Recruiting, Marketing, Blog Posts, Webinars and Conference sessions. See details below.

# Practice Management 

  • Cookbooks Maintenance
  • Created Healthcheck & SRE Offering 
  • App Services Anchor Bootcamp
  • Blog Series Architecture - A Pivotal Opinion (upcoming)
  • Mainframe Modernization GTM
  • Closing loops - Feedback From AppTx to R&D
  • Closing loops - Feedback to DATA, PCFMetrics, Spring Cloud Services and other R&D Teams
  • Active participation PWG-SRE practice workgroup
  • AppTx for PSR Offering

# Training & Cross-functional Enablement 

  • Kubernetes Training mini-Conference
  • So You Want To Run An AppTx Scoping
  • So You Want To Run An AppTx Healthcheck
  • Anchoring Best Practices - Things We have learnt the hard way
  • Wrote On-boarding 2 - Week - New Hire Fast Ramp 4 AppTx Solution Architects
  • Continuous assistance on Slack #modern-family & #app-transformation channels
  • AppTx Scoping Retro - Train the scopers 2 sessions 
  • PAL PKS Course Development 
  • Microservices Workshop DBSBank

# Pivotal Internal Initiatives

  • Google Anthos intel
  • Cookbooks - RFC
  • Java Devex Team

# Created Tools

  1. Pivotal App Analyzer  _Refinement of Rules , Guidance_
  2. AppTx Effort Estimation Model with Steve Woods
  4. Spring Bootifier with Tim Dalsing

# Recruiting - 2 Solution Architects

# Mentored/Improved - One colleague

# Conducted Scopings - 6 including commercial and federal 

# Pivotal Blog Posts

- Twitter  @rkela (750 followers) 

# Webinars (Solo, Partners & Customers)

  1. Why Your Digital Transformation Strategy Demands Middleware Modernization
  2. How to Migrate Applications Off a Mainframe
  3. Tools and Recipes to Replatform Monolithic Apps to Modern Cloud Environments 
  4. App Modernization with .NET Core: How Travelers Insurance is Going Cloud-Native 

# Conferences - SpringOne Platform 2019

- [360-Degree Health Assessment of Microservices on the PCF Platform](https://springoneplatform.io/2019/sessions/360-degree-health-assessment-of-microservices-on-the-pcf-platform)

# Certifications

# Courses

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Create SRE Dashboards For Applications

SLI/SLO Dashboards are a MUST for every SRE team as a core practice to manage end user expectations and needs. Here is a neat example of a SLO dashboard for the Pivotal Platform

So how do you craft these SLO dashboards. There are some APM tools that are ahead of the game when it comes to SLI/SLO dashboard templates.  You can customize the stock template to build your dashboard. See links below  ....



New Relic