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Friday, December 11, 2015

Are my apps worthy of the Cloud ?

From time to time we get questions on what approaches to use to determine application suitability to the cloud. 

In my view the best way to do this is to form a set of technical or business heuristics that are important to your enterprise and then grade the app portfolio on those criteria. Form a pool of 10 apps and begin app replatforming and modernization.

The most important thing about this scoping exercise is that it should 1. be time scoped to a day and 2. involve all the stakeholders (business, developers, architects, testers).

What you should NOT do is create a spreadsheet and rate apps on various criteria. Such an effort is destined to fail and get mired in analysis paralysis.

App migration is like training for a marathon or weight training. You start with smaller weights and challenges and then ramp up to the longer distances and higher class weights.

In the following screenshots I am going to display a set of heuristics that companies have used successfully to perform app migration to the cloud.

1. Technical Feasibility 


2. Business Feasibility

Differentiating – Clean Code, Now. Move to Microservices.
Parity – Good-enough software. Run on VMs.
Partner – With a little help from my friends. Outsource Refactoring.
Who Cares – Shut it down, shut it down. Phase out.
Niel Nickolaisen Purpose Alignment Model.

3. Technical and Business Feasibility

Impact here refers to the disruption to the business. In risk averse organization risk to business becomes an important metric. The order of app re-platforming here is Q1, Q2, Q4, Q3.