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Friday, January 4, 2019

Books I read in 2018 and Predictions

List of books I read in 2018 in prioritized order of importance and impact :

11. Reset
12. Rapid Modernization Of Java Apps

List Of Books In Progress

Here is a list of books I will read/ work through in 2019 :

Predictions of 2019

Please note that these are not my employers opinions and these predictions are just that => future indicators based on past experience.  

1. Middleware modernization to cloud native tech and services accelerates dramatically
2. Further consolidation in the PaaS space. Pivotal and Docker are all acquisition targets.
3. Kubernetes enters trough of disillusionment. Serverless becomes the new darling particularly from the cost savings perspective. 
4. Backlash against AWS monopoly with increased adoption of multi-cloud and poly-cloud. 
5. ML/AI is infused in every product/ software category.