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Monday, October 31, 2016

Why Bother ? The Need for Rabbit and Redis through Pivotal Cloud Foundry

1. Need for self-provisonable reliable and production capable messaging and non-relational backing services in a time-bound fashion (typically less than 5 mins).

2. Reduce time to value for the application features and increase developer flow by giving the ability to create and bind services during application development avoiding ticket based speed bumps.

3. Existing IBM based messaging and relational stores are too heavyweight for cloud based applications and don't have quick turnaround for new instances.

4.  Pre-canned  recipes and collateral to leverage Redis and Rabbit to accelerate the migration to the Cloud. see blog posts https://medium.com/@KevinHoffman/migrating-apps-to-the-cloud-shunting-the-event-stream-8c2f6f309242#.5h3dpckl4 and https://medium.com/@KevinHoffman/orchestration-to-choreography-19686684fd44#.nxp73bxxk

5. Redis and RabbitMQ are the best-in-breed when it comes to session caching, event sourcing and messaging. Deep Integration and Ease of Usage with the Spring and the Spring Boot frameworks that automatically configure connections and credentials to Redis and Rabbit when an application is deployed to Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

6. Developer ramp-up time to Redis and RabbitMQ is much lower than other technologies in the same space.

7. These Pivotal Tech will help reduce IBM spend on DB2 and provide a pathway for migration away from MQ and DB2.