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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Radar for App Transformation

My team at Pivotal is hiring Solution Architects anywhere in the USA. Please NOTE applications via greenhouse are NOT entering a blackhole. Our recruiters are looking at all CVs. We work with customers to enable digital transformation and affect change by implementing the three pillars of devops, people, process and technology. In concrete terms we help customers migrate applications and workloads to Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

To give you an idea of our tools, practices, replatforming and modernization I have created a Thoughtworks inspired technology radar for application transformation. First some definition of terms to set the context for the categories of the radar

*Replatforming* - Make minimal testable changes to an application so as to run it on PCF using an automated CI/CD pipeline. Replatforming typically entails spring bootifying an application by introducing spring boot auto starters and upgrading the dependencies of the application to work with the modern Spring ecosystem. We also typically inject data sources for downstream dependencies and fix other application concerns like logging. Like TDD we do the smallest set of changes to get the application working without affecting and external APIs or contracts. We add tests along the way as well as other production enablement features like Spring Boot actuators. There are other less tread path to replatforming as well using alternate buildpacks however; Spring Boot and Spring Cloud are in the happy path to replatforming. In a typical replatforming engagement we replatform in the order of 10-15 apps to production and leave the customer with a cookbook of reusable recipes.

*Modernization* - Make testable changes to an application (or a vertical slice of an app) to make it “run well” (achieving 15 factor compliance) on PCF. This may mean decomposing a monolith into a set of microservices aligned with their bounded contexts. Modernization is an exercise in making an application cloud native. Modernization is applied to apps of all sizes ranging from hundreds to millions of LOC. Definition of the initial scope of the work here is key to success. Pivotal practices modernization with a bunch of techniques like DDD, event storming, snap analysis, vertical slice analysis, snappy analysis, Boris Wheel and OKRs that narrow the scope of the work to intersect with the customer’s goals.We engage with the customer in XP fashion with TDD and pairing being mandatory practices. A successful app  transformation engagement unleashes a wave of such engagements across the company.

*Practices* - Our core values and fundamental techniques of XP that we do NOT compromise on. This covers a whole suite of practices like TDD, Pair-programming that we practice every day when delivering code.

*Tools* - A suite of web applications, hard and soft hacks,  the ecosystem of libraries and frameworks and the platform used to deliver app transformation.

Find the Radar here http://bit.ly/apptx-radar