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Thursday, March 26, 2020

CKA and CKAD Certification Preparation

COVID-19 provides an excellent opportunity to up-skill your game around Kubernetes. Here are some tips and a video that takes you through the prep needed to ace the CKA and CKAD Kubernetes certifications. Enterprises will most likely enter into a period of cost reduction both in licenses and infrastructure. Kubernetes provides the container density to consolidate your datacenter footprint and postpone that migration to public cloud and save millions of dollars.

Remember the key to ace the CKA and CKAD exams is to understand how to generate the K8s manifest YAMLs expeditiously and practice with the exam simulators. These exams are real and provide a solid foundation in developing and operating on Kubernetes. In some ways CKAD is more challenging than the CKA. However the breadth of the CKA is 30% more than CKAD. So you can chose to go broad or you can chose to go deep.

Here are the top resources:
Finally a cheesily edited video by my son Rushil Kelapure of me and my colleagues Varun, Igor, Alfus and Wael in VMware Pivotal Labs App Modernization Team providing guidance on how to study for CKA & CKAD certifications.

Best Of Luck!