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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Cloud Foundry vs Kubernetes - A Story in Pictures and Numbers

A Tale of two PaaS CloudFoundry vs Kubernetes

Project Cloud Foundry Kubernetes
Estimated Cost $68,583,603 $26,662,605
Contributors (All Time) 2,835 developers 1,145 developers
Commits (All Time) 103,373 commits 39,102 commits
Initial Commit almost 14 years ago over 2 years ago
Most Recent Commit 29 days ago about 2 months ago
Contributors (Past 12 Months) 523 developers 668 developers
Commits (Past 12 Months) 19,526 commits 18,218 commits
Files Modified (Past 12 Months) 35,569 files 11,616 files
Lines Added (Past 12 Months) 4,449,908 lines 9,021,182 lines
Lines Removed (Past 12 Months) 3,508,508 lines 6,074,453 lines
Contributors (Past 30 Days) 122 developers 157 developers
Commits (Past 30 Days) 900 commits 1,708 commits
Files Modified (Past 30 Days) 2,137 files 5,457 files
Lines Added (Past 30 Days) 48,054 lines 1,802,098 lines
Lines Removed (Past 30 Days) 19,429 lines 1,701,092 lines
Lines of Code 4,197,111 lines 1,697,136 lines

These charts and numbers have been sourced from openhub.net. Take a look at the 12 month comparison between CF OSS and K8s.  Google Trends Link