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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Boiler plate apps for all buildpacks in Cloud Foundry

If you are tired of searching for sample apps of different types that exercise all the buildpacks in Cloud Foundry, the list of boilerplate apps below comes to your rescue. Most of these apps need a backing service like MySQL which exercises the service binding code in CF and your app.

List of all the Buildpacks supported by CF: http://docs.cloudfoundry.org/buildpacks/

java_buildpack: Spring-Music : Allows binding based on profiles to mysql, postgres, in-memory, etc., https://github.com/pivotalservices/spring-music

go_buildpack: pong_matcher_go: This is an app to match ping-pong players with each other. It's currently an API only, so you have to use curl to interact with it. Requires mysql

nodejs_buildpack: node-tutorial-for-frontend-devs: Node.js sample app with mongodb backend:

php_buildpack: PHPMyAdmin : out-of-the-box implementation of PHPMyAdmin 4.2.2. Requires mysql

binary_buildpack: pezdispenser: Admin portal for Cloud Foundry

ruby_buildpack: Rails app to match ping-pong players with each other. Requires mysql.

python_buildpack: Buildpack uses pip to install dependencies. Needs a requirement.txt
PyData app: https://gist.github.com/ihuston/d6aab5e4a811fe582fa7  Does not use pip. Uses conda. 

staticfile_buildpack: Put a Staticfile in any directory and do a cf push. If directory browsing is needed Add a line to your Staticfile that begins with directory: visible

Spring Cloud services Tile:
- https://github.com/spring-cloud-samples/fortune-teller
- https://github.com/dpinto-pivotal/cf-SpringBootTrader

.NET sample app: Contoso University

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