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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Write sample Java apps using the User Authentication Authorization (UAA) API on Cloud Foundry

Do you want to use UAA as an OAuth2 authorization server (eg SSO, token creation / verification)? 

Take a look at github.com/pivo...ity-sample-apps for basic examples of integrating with Pivotal SSO which is UAA with subdomain multi-tenancy, and comes free with PCF 1.5, or look at github.com/will...ervice-security and spring.io/blog/...-cloud-security for a more involved example of using straight UAA to secure microservices.

For PCF customers and interested in using Pivotal SSO and Spring Cloud Services to manage a secure microservice architecture, github.com/will...ran/freddys-bbq is the the microservice-security example and goes the extra mile and integrates with all those products.

Do you want use UAA APIs to dynamically create OAuth2 clients and manage user roles?

There aren't many examples in the OSS world for that, but we do some of that in both Pivotal SSO and Spring Cloud Services. There are API docs however: github.com/clou...cs/UAA-APIs.rst


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