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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Top 10 KPIs Cloud Foundry

The cloud foundry firehose and syslog streams generate tons of metrics and logs. What should a busy devops engineer look at ? My colleague Ford Donald put this awesome list of the top 10 KPIs of Cloud Foundry.

| KPI                              | Description
| rep.capacityRemainingMemory      | Available cell memory (sum for all cells)
| rep.capacityRemainingDisk        | Available cell disk (sum for all cells)
| bbs.LRPsRunning                  | Equivalent to # apps running
| bbs.RequestLatency               | CF of API is slow if this rises
| bbs.ConvergingLRPduration        | Apps or staging crashing if this rises
| stager.StagingRequestFailed      | Indicates bad app or buildpack pushes
| auctioneer.LRPauctionsFailed     | CF can’t place an app (out of container space)
| router.totalRoutes               | Size in routes of a PCF install (indicates uptake)
| router.requests                  | Tracks traffic flow thru a PCF
| bosh.healthmonitor.system.healthy| Indicates BOSH/VM health

New PCF v1.10 "Monitoring PCF" docs section went live!  - https://docs.pivotal.io/pivotalcf/1-10/monitoring/index.html

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