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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Migrate away from IBM Integration Bus

Monolith  ---------------------> DB

Step 1.
Monolith  ----------> DB |  ACL |  Microservice1     ------> new DB (Read only)
 - all data is migrated in read-through from old DB to new DB via ACL
 - Migrate 90% of the data like this
 - newDB <-- sync --> oldDB [needs Synchronization]


Migrate off of IIB
 - Rapid migration off of IIB
 - Take the custom code > wrap it in s-boot and don't change the data model
 - No local database .. all IIB converted apps talking to data model
 - [x] Conformist pattern ... then no ACL
 - [y] Evolve the API and add new consumers then add ACL and use your domain model. no database.

 (1) - Proxy off of IIB <READ>
 (2) - Selective re-examine data strategy based on the app <READ|WRITE>


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