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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Modernizing the Monolithic User Interface

There is a lot of treatment on the topic of decomposing a monolithic applications. Most of the existing literature deals with disentangling the business logic into logical bounded contexts and sub-domains. Not enough attention is paid to the separation, composition and co-existence of of the new user interface with the old user interface. So what are the techniques for decomposing and modernizing User Interfaces from a legacy UI technology like  Oracle ADF to a modern composable javascript based UI.

Plethora of options for UI decomposition
The existing theory of microservices UI  composition leads us towards micro-frontends.  How does one stitch together a series of micro-frontends decomposed from a monolithic UI ? What are the different options available to decompose a monolithic frontend and assemble a modernized micro-frontend UI.

  1. Monolithic UI
  2. Single Page Application Javasceript  (SPA) meta- framework single-spa
  3. Micro Front-Ends - micro-frontends
  4. Front End Server Transclusion  microservice-websites
  5. Mosaic project-mosaic-front-end-services
  6. Single SPA with multiple similar apps
  7. Resource Oriented Architecture roca
  8. iFrame Palooza iframes

So which option did we chose ? Option # 6


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